Now That She's Gone
is a play that explores
Ellen Snortland's often
hilarious, irreverent and sometimes torturous
relationship with her

Nora Dunn,
"Saturday Night Live" alum says

"Ms. Snortland has written a show with great tenderness, surprise, and revelation.  

She delivers a poignant and completely original insight into the mother/daughter relationship that is deeply moving, and often profound."

Gloria Steinem says —

"Ellen says I'm the 'grandmother' of this play, but I'm not crazy enough to think that it was my planting of a seed when in fact it is her enormous talent. She has a gift for being serious and funny, making you laugh and understand at the same time.

The first time I saw it, I brought two friends who were visiting New York City from Kenya - a mother and a daughter - to see it, and they loved it too; it's universal."

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